Implement service learning in schools TO GET digital cultural HERitage enhanced

Target Groups

Secondary school teachers and leaders and secondary school students


To foster digital creativity of young generations by using the “service learning” methodology


May 2021 - April 2023

Project Aim

The TOGETHER project aims to foster digital creativity of young generations by using the “service learning” methodology, which means to create a link between students’ learning objectives and the actual needs of the society, and by applying it to secondary school. This will then engage students in community-valuable activities of digital transformation for cultural heritage resources, in order to protect community’s cultural assets. The project has developed a training path for secondary school teachers on how to provide significant creative digital skills through the application of service learning oriented to the design of a motivating learning environment, aiming to engage students in real-life initiatives in collaboration with key local actors for the promotion of their cultural heritage.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected dramatically creative economy and cultural heritage. At the same time, this sector plays a fundamental role for ensuring the continued development of societies. Therefore, there is an increasing need for the young generations to take over a role of responsibility towards their current and future cultural wealth, through the deployment of new competence frameworks where hard (digital) and soft (creativity) skills should be prominent. The process of digitalisation and digital transformation of cultural capital that is currently underway is providing a great help for its long-term preservation and valorisation, while at the same time contributing to close the gap with younger generations, that are today fully digital native.


Articles - Meetings - Training - Events

Online Meeting – March 2023

The end of this project is approaching. In this meeting, the consortium discussed mainly about the results extracted from the pilot testing sessions that all of them had to organise internally (2-3 members of staff) as well as externally (20 secondary school teachers). In addition, they finalised the agenda of the upcoming meeting in April…

Online Meeting – February 2023

In this meeting, partners discussed briefly about the progress of the platform and brainstormed on the pilot testing sessions as well as the Multiplier Events that each partner needs to organise. In addition, they started discussing the final tasks that they will need to complete since the project is coming soon to an end.

The Consortium



Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Address:  Rückerstraße 9, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Contact Details: Mark Johnson


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