Kick-off Meeting

DATE: 27 May 2021

Virtual Meeting

On the 27th of May 2021, Emphasys participated in the Kick-off meeting for the KA2 Erasmus+ ‘TOGETHER: Implement service learning in schools TO GET digital cultural HERitage enhanced’ project.

The TOGETHER project aims to foster the digital creativity of young generations by leveraging the “service learning” methodology and applying it to secondary schools, with the aim to engage students in community-valuable activities of digital transformation for cultural heritage resources, protecting and enhancing its value as community’s cultural assets. The project will develop a training path for secondary school teachers on how to provide significant creative digital skills through the application of service-learning oriented to the design of a motivating learning environment, aiming to engage students in real-life initiatives in collaboration with key local actors for the promotion of their cultural heritage.

During the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to get to know each other, go over the project overview and analyse the Intellectual Outputs. Specifically, the Teacher’s Handbook and Competence framework and the TOGETHER Digital Creativity Academy were discussed in order to start the project as organized as possible. A big thank you to all partners for their great cooperation.