The TOGETHER partnership has been working very hard during the last year to bring you the Teachers’ Handbook and Competence Framework: a meaningful pedagogical resource available for the continuous professional development of secondary school teachers and leaders. The handbook will provide them with an innovative educational model based on digital creativity skills with the aim to formulate concepts of Service Learning and Project-Based Learning. Thanks to the handbook, students will be able to involve in initiatives for digital enhancement of local cultural heritage.

This complete and ready to use handbook consists of 6 main modules:

  1. The Challenge of Cultural Heritage and the Community
  2. Teaching with Service Learning
  3. Advantages of the Service Learning approach
  4. The Service Learning Methodology
  5. Evaluation and Learning Outcomes
  6. Platform and Resources

Moreover, teachers can learn at their own path as each module has a set of questions to make sure they integrate the concepts. The key to the answers is also included, along with a set of suggested further reading materials.

The Competence Framework is also an essential document that accompanies the handbook. The aim of the framework is to lay down the set of knowledge, skills and competences necessary to design and implement a SL project related to the digitisation of cultural heritage. A clear distinction is made between hard and soft skills, condensed to develop units of learning outcomes. Hard skills include key knowledge in Humanities (ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, archaeology, anthropology, human geography, law, politics, religion and art…) enriched by ICT and digital abilities (Information and data literacy, Search and managing digital information, Communication and collaboration, Digital content creation, Digital problem solving, Safety). Soft skills include creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, project management, proactivity, and the ability to engage students and stimulate their curiosity. The entrepreneurial mindset is also a transversal competence embracing the whole path and providing specific expertise.

The Handbook and Competence Framework are free of use and downloadable from our website only in English, but all national language versions are coming soon! Check the “Results” section for more information on how to obtain the materials.